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A friend on Facebook posted something about emotions and said  “the first reaction is to get upset, frustrated, disappointed, or carry another negative emotion. We have no way of avoiding unexpected situations, but we do have the ability to choose and change our attitude regarding them.”

I thought about that for awhile….and these thoughts came to the surface…thought I’d share.

Needed that post today Brittany….why you ask? Well, let me tell you – even if you didn’t. Because I simply needed to be reminded not to ‘react’ with that knee-jerk kick of emotion when something hits you in the gut.

Learning how to curb that reeling emotion that threatens to rise like a tidal wave over your reservoir worship2of deepness seems to be a never-ending process. But with practice … (even when you curse the practice dates!) one can learn to take a deep breath….step back slowly … slowly …. and reconsider, reevaluate, and return to a semblance of serenity.

Letting the roaring waves of emotion return to a gentle lapping at the shores, one can then breathe deeply and clear the rage that erupted seemingly on its own. Then, and only then, can one view the ocean of events clearly and stand steady. choosing wisely which way to steer.


Thanks friend for the deeper thoughts ….

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