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Seems like that’s the clarion call in the wind…or maybe it’s just the wind in my own backyard. No, it truly is in the wind.  From California to New York those seven little letters are running rampant through the streets and sneaking into unlatched back doors. Doesn’t matter if you’re ten or ten times ten … it can wreak havoc on the most unsuspecting soul!

During the day one can usually quite the siren call, calm the frenzied senses, and convince one’s humble self that ‘I’m ok’… after all, you have chores to do, kids to feed, house to clean and the list goes on. But when that golden yellowish ball sinks beneath the horizon and the lights go out …. doubts inevitably begin to creep in.

Big doubts, little doubts – doubts that you can easily give an imaginary slap across the room and dismiss … but then there are those really BIG doubts, the ones that just keep shouting you down and circling your aching head. As your body cries out for just one night of restful, uninterrupted, oh so needed eight hours, your racing thoughts just won’t shut down.

The myriad of negative adjectives swirl around in your consciousness and you squeeze your eyes tight so that the fountains of the deep don’t leak out and become a torrential waterfall.  All you want is one good night’s sleep! Is that too much to hope for?

And all of those nasty little fiery darts of accusations keep coming and coming and coming……and you silently scream … ENOUGH! Eyes wide open, tears flowing and fists clenched.


You rally around your self and summon the judge of your consciousness, and you begin to ‘intelligently’ examine all those firey darts one by one.  A few can be dismissed as simply parts of old baggage that you thought you had buried deep …. really deep. Apparently, not that deep. A few seem to burn right into your flesh and you can sense the hopelessness of trying to extinguish them by yourself.  SOS…..and you drift off into a fitful night again.

Then a sliver of an answer sneaks into your feed….one thumbs up for staying on FB one week longer. Two friends, who have no idea what is plaguing you, post something that nails it! From the other side of the country they repost something that was a life-changer for them…and now for you. A reminder that you are not alone and these doubts are a part of the ‘be-coming human’ and into the image of the Holy One life-journey.

One post brought to memory of a young man name David….not the King that we choose to remember, but the young man that had been appointed as the future king of Israel by the great prophet Samuel (1 Samuel 16:1-13) but who was running for his life after being faithful to King Saul who now wanted to murder him. And along with him in his desperate attempt to allude the King was a rag-tag group of about 400 men who were also in pretty much the same mental condition. Pretty much far from the ‘man after God’s own heart’ type of role model, I’d venture to say.

Actually, as I ‘see’ David and his men in that dark and creepy cave I can definitely relate to them. Cold, sick, tired and defeated, it’s easy to imagine crying out with him and muttering nothing good under my breath. Bet none of those spear-carrying men had a good night’s sleep either.

So what is the point of this post you ask? Just go crawl into your bed and pull the covers up over your head and cry yourself to sleep? Well, can’t say that I haven’t done that, but the post went on to share that in one of the Psalms that David wrote, specifically Psalm 57, he assesses his circumstances and makes a choice. Read that again as, I have assessed my circumstances and made a choice!

As David did not deny the distress he was in or the dire darkness of his situation, he refused to stay in that pity party! As we all know too well, when we take that first step down that spiraling staircase, it is sometimes very difficult to free oneself from the murkiness of despair. But our circumstances are not who we are, they do not define us! They will, of course, help mold our lives, influence our thinking and color our world, however, again, those circumstances do not define us! We have the ability to remind our soul, our true self, who we really are – and that is, children of the Most High God! It is time to focus on who He is and not sink into the pit of despair! Once we can turn a smidgen of thought to Him, scriptures seem to bubble up from where they have been hidden confirming the truth about this King of Israel! He is a God who fulfills His purposes (Psalm 57:2), a God who saves (Psalm 57:3), a God known for faithfulness and steadfast love (Psalm 57:2, 10). A God who loves you!

By reminding our true self of the source of our connection, praising the One who will be true to His promises and who is the lifter of our heads, then our hearts turn the murmuring into a whimper and then slowly into a melody and finally all-out praises to the King and healing begins it’s surgery in our hearts!

Darkness, where blackness seems to consume one’s very soul can….and will… destroy and snuff out the true self that lies within. Doing nothing….resigning….giving up…assures that. But that isn’t the only outcome on the table!  That dark and gloomy storm in your life will also trigger within you a desire to survive. A need to grasp onto that lone life-line that swings in the distance.  That storm will push you to your limits and when all seems darkest something deep within you stirs. What is that wrestling in the depths of your being? That persistent stirring is your true self striving to rise above those deadly feelings, those defeatist reactions, those out-of-control emotions and see with clear vision the LIGHT at the end of the tunnel. That LIGHT emanates from the Source of all Life and once acknowledged, gingerly takes your outstretched hand and draws you into His bosom.

Dear beloved friends and family, storms and trials are definitely not the picnic you would like an invitation to, but sometimes we are summoned and must take our seat. Remember, however, that party will not last forever and if we believe that to be true, then – and only then – can we look around the darkened room and sense the purpose of the season and see it for what it really is! That darkened room is simply a training ground of sorts, a time-out of sorts. It’s a place where you learn to choose life or death, curse or blessing. Either sink into the mire or rise above the muck and hard as it might be, praise Him no matter what!

By allowing our true self to focus on His promises, by lifting our voices up in praise and thanksgiving, our purpose and our destiny crystallize and our hearts are renewed! When we are able to embrace that each and every time ‘something happens’ … then, then we can see PURPOSE!

So join all of us and let’s sing together ….once we were lost……now we are FOUND!

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  1. 1-22-2019

    May God bless you and keep each and every one of you. May all be restored soon. We have an awesome God and nothing is too big for him.

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