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Yep, it’s a rainy, dreary non-sunshiney day.  But it’s a great day to stay inside and read a book. And it’s something I haven’t done in a long, long time. Taken time to just sit and read – especially a B O O K! Usually I’m glued to the computer and read info from there…but this is a nice change. Brings back some very good memories, as I used to love to read.

Holding the book with a purple cover (my favorite color by the way) and feeling the coarse pages slip through my fingers as I turn each page brings back childhood memories. However the content of this book – is no childhood experience.

The name of the book is “The Separation of Church & Faith – Volume One – “Copernicus and the Jews” by Daniel Gruber.

The comments on the back of the book say “Profound and compelling.” “Shattering and overwhelming.” “If this bookis true, it changes everything.”

Intriguing don’t you think? I thought so too. It’s basically about the changes in in ‘viewpoints’ and ‘perspectives’ and ‘languages’. It’s a pretty serious book if you are one that love the truth and are willing to have your view challenged. It appears to be very well researched and while I’m chewing on pretty much every sentnce – and am wondering if I really agree with every jot and tittle … it definitely is setting my teeth on edge …. but there is a smile tugging at the corner of my lips.

This book offers a lot of food for thought – and offers a glimpse into the life of Nicholas Copernicus when the heavens and all that was in them revolved around the earth. Everyone acknowledged it – scientists, mathematicians philosophers and yes, religious doctrine! But today, we know there was definitely one small problem – it just wasn’t true. Copernicus challenged the status-quo and began a revolution that transformed life on earth!  This book does the same thing…it examines a conceptual error in the religious and political systems that stand firm today and offers a challenge.  As Walter C. Kaiser says so accurately – ‘much of the research is ground-breaking…’!

This should be good!


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