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Are you ready?

worship2Seriously….are you ready?

What? You mean you don’t know? You haven’t heard the news? No one told you? Well….here it is – we are coming up on the fall Feast Days of the LORD and that means…….that the month of Elul is upon us! Still not sure of what it’s all about? Oh my…..let me share a little bit with you.

The month of Elul is the last month on the Jewish civil calendar (which is one of 4 calendars) and traditionally is the month that every Jewish man, woman and child searches their past years deeds, gives more charity and goes out to ‘meet the King in the field’. It is a month full of meaning, wisdom and understanding if you allow yourself to soak up the nuggets that the Ruach HaKodesh will whisper in your ear.

So, if this is a “Jewish’ custom – why would we, who are believers in “Jesus” (Yeshua is his Hebrew name) want to acknowledge and partake in this tradition? Well, one reason would most definitely be that our savior was Jewish. He was born a Jew, to Jewish parents in a Jewish culture in a Jewish town…and he never became a Christian! So if we are told to follow in the footsteps of our Messiah, then knowing what he did and when he did it would only benefit our walk with him! Now, granted, he may not have done it EXACTLY how it has come to us in this century, but even 2,000 years ago everyone would get ‘ready’ for the fall Feast Days of Rosh HaShannah and Yom Kippur!

So, I invite you to walk along side me as we go thru this special time and study, reflect and be inspired by what our Holy One will show us! If you would like them to show up in your inbox, just sign up for our newsletter.  Share with us what you do during this month, and let’s learn together!


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  1. 8-27-2016

    Hi Pam. Would love to grab your hand as we run out together to meet Messiah our King in the field. Flowers in our hair trailing in the wind behind us. Laughing joyously like children.

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