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It’s been a harrowing week … one thing after another…..and today, the first day of ‘nothingness’, it is time to reflect on a few things that keep swirling around in my sleep-deprived brain. Especially since it is still raining outside and the symphony it is making on the tin roof of the deck is a melancholy tune – which of course calls for a somber mood. Well, sort of. The pelting raindrops seem to have two choruses – one quiet and soothing in the background as it softly washes the flowers and trees and glides down to the earth, the other hard-hitting and awakening as it pounds like a hammer into the tin. Same raindrops…different canvas. And I’m in a reflective mood, and need to put it to paper.

So much has happened in the last few…well, actually more than a few… years. If I back up a bit in the time machine I can remember porchdreaming when my kids were little that someday I would be sitting on a front porch like my husband’s Grandma Mitchell and just rocking the day away watching the cars go by…with a grand baby on each knee and one at my feet. And maybe a few dogs laying around scratching the ticks behind their ears. Well, I did get the dogs and I’m sure they are the hotel for a few ticks .. hehe. The old front porch and Grandma’s rocker kinda got lost in the fog somewhere.

Life certainly does  not play by the rules – or at least it doesn’t play … or maybe even KNOW … my rules! So, maybe I need to re-examine my rules and aspirations and figure out if my rules are part of ‘my life’ plan. Nothing, absolutely nothing has transpired to date as I thought it would – but, on the other hand, it’s ok, because I really do know who is in charge. He just has to keep reminding me – it’s not me. 🙂

Yes, He is in control – or He is not. So what shall it be dear reader – does he map out and lay out your plans, or do you try to read the road map yourself, changing the route when it looks like there might be a traffic jam or a bump in the road? Most of us, I would presume, take matters into our own hands and don’t give a slight nod of the head to the one who actually planned the route so far in advance.  After all, we think we have the map in our hands and so therefore we are in the drivers seat. But most of us have picked up the wrong map – because the true – the one and only – map we should be following is in-between the covers of a book with Genesis in the beginning and Revelation at the end. THAT, my dear reader, is the ultimate road map.

So, as I end this short post (which took way longer than it should have – as I again got ‘side tracked’ and took a walk, pulled weeds in the garden, planted a few more seeds in the greenhouse and took the dogs out one more time), I encourage you to pick up the right map for your life.  Pick up the guidebook where the loving instructions are written to you and me throughout its ancient pages – words of encouragement, mercy, love, grace and right thinking. Then, with the true map in hand, you might find that front porch with the rocker. Headed to the front porch now.

Blessings & Peace


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