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In the world we live in today, there are various ways to love something. For instance – just take a few minutes to listen to a conversation between two people and you’ll hear some say they love their dog, or their iphone or their house or whatever… “LOVE” is expressed or shown in so many different ways – in fact there is a ‘way’ for each person. But there really are all kinds of different definitions for ‘love’. Think about the love between an engaged couple, or a boyfriend and girlfriend … compared to the love between a parent and a child. Different kinds of love – but to call it ‘love’ – there must be something similar – don’t you think?

What about the ‘love‘ the Creator expresses for you? How different is that compared to the ‘love’ we experience? If we dig a bit deeper, we can find that YAHUAH’s compassion, His love is never ending, it is unconditional. In our world…we don’t find much of that do we? Most of us have never given … nor received … unconditional love. What does that mean? Well, unconditional means that no matter what you will have compassion (love) for that person – no matter what. But how do we walk out that unconditional love? That’s the million dollar question and you will get a variety of answers depending on who you talk to. Most of us are full of ‘words’ but come up short on the action part.

Consider Moses when the Holy One became so angry with the Israelite people that He was ready to wipe them out and start over. Does that sound like unconditional love? Maybe not, but if we look at this from a different perspective we can see a bit more depth in this story. Maybe this was a test for Moses. Maybe. Moses was sick of the people, he was tired of their whining and complaining and when Yahovah turned the tables on him and was willing to give him what he wanted, what did Moses do? Oh my – he hit the ground! He fell to his face and begged the Holy One to not wipe them out – to take him instead! What kind of love is this? Moses was shown to himself that he truly had come to love, deeply love this rag-tag multitude. Yep, you heard that right – Moses was shown who he was – to himself!

The compassion that Moses had in his heart for this rag-tag group of people spared them with the Holy One and in the process showed Moses his own heart. Through this process, this test, Moses realized that his compassion, his love, was more like the Holy One’s then he would ever have imagined!

We are called to be a ‘body of people,’ to be a community and to walk together, yet very few groups have been able to accomplish that to any degree of unity. Maybe it will never happen until Messiah returns, but if we could simply see things with the compassion and love that the Holy One has for us, we would look at others differently as well. If we are called to like our Master, than we are called to set our grievances, our differences, aside and walk together as one body.

It is never to late. For you, for me, for anyone to demonstrate to the Creator of the Universe that we love him with the love that He wants us to share.  We are so close to when the King will sit upon his throne to begin judgment, we have no time to waste in forgiving others and WALKING out that love with compassion, with love.  If we are ever to be forgiven by our Father in heaven, we are told we must forgive, be passionate, and to love each other.  Then He will be compassionate with us.

Are you simply willing to cling to your idea of ‘right and wrong’ no matter what? In the scope of eternity, consider if it’s really worth it.

Ask yourself:  Think about how you have interacted with others – do you separate yourself from others in the body because of real or perceived grievances?  Does this mirror how you love God? Do you withhold your walking out love to prove that you have compassion because secretly you have grievances against someone else? Well, if you have NOT walked out that compassion, have NOT met with your brother, have NOT proven your love, than you do not love. Period.

Exercise for the day: Today is the day to set aside your personal bias against someone else. Today is the day begin to repair that relationship, no matter what. Determine what you can do, no matter the consequences, and reach out and repair the relationship so that the body can be restored to the kingdom!

THIS IS FOR YOU! **Do it today!**


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