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Just some musings….It is time to start reading anew the wonderful words our Creator has given us for living life fully. What an awesome opportunity to soak in the pulse of His heart each and every day and to wrap ourselves in His embrace by taking those instructions seriously. One really good source are the commentaries that Bill Bullock puts out each day and I would encourage you to read them and take them to heart.

“We can see from this aliyah that the most important thing we can do when an interpersonal conflict arises is to find the Holy One, and discuss the matter with Him. We cannot control any other person’s actions or attitudes, but we ourselves can get the Holy One’s perspective, and “do what is right” [not, of course, what we think is right, but what the Holy One says is right].

We can cast off anger and resentment and self-pity as garments that are too “small” for us. We can focus on our relationship with the Holy One, and the purity of our heart, and let the relational “chips” fall wherever they fall.
Remember, Dear Reader, that neither your worth to the Holy One nor the divine plan the Holy One has for your life is defined by what any other person thinks of you, whether any other person likes or dislikes or approves of you, or whether, in human eyes, you “measure up” to someone else’s expectations or standards. You are the Holy One’s. You are precious in His sight. And learn from today’s aliyah this truth: whatever the situation, the Holy One passionately desires to speak the truth into your innermost being.

You don’t have time to indulge in such things as anger, self-pity, or resentment. You don’t have time to compare yourself with anyone else – either in pride or in shame. Bless the Holy One, and live the life for which He has called you. You simply can’t afford the consequences of letting yourself be offended. You haven’t got time for the pain. None of us do.”

That was in Thursday’s commentary from Bill and it really spoke to my heart. I hope it does to yours. If we can take our eyes off everyone ‘else’ and ‘see’ who we are IN HIM … life will be much more prosperous and full of shalom. Let us try to live the life HE has called us to live – let’s not waste what precious moments we have been allowed on this earth to become offended…like Bill said – we just don’t have the time for it!
Ain't Got Time

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