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TheSabbathDaySabbath is drawing in…why do I care? Let me share a few thoughts with you this morning as I contemplate why I do what I do.

What is Sabbath and why do I care? Yes, you’re correct – I’m not Jewish. My early years were consumed with learning and living the Catholic beliefs. There was catechism, morning mass, midnight mass, priests, nuns, religious schools, uniforms, etc…etc. Coming in and going out was wrapped around being ‘Catholic’. In fact, my entire large family and relatives were immersed into this religious furor. Everything revolved around ‘being catholic’. So what happened? Why do I not consider myself ‘Catholic’ any longer? Why did I ‘leave the church’ and head out to the outer fringes of acceptability to the norm? Well, let me explain.

It seems like another life-time that those first thoughts began to swirl around in my head and cause anxiety and confusion. It was somewhere on my way to turning 30…the realization of growing up seemed to loom in front of me and, well, truth be told, I needed to know if there was anything more than what I thought I had. Not sure why that was so important to me at that age, but it was. The old question of ‘is this all there is?’ loomed heavy on my soul. The more I tried to ignore it, the louder it grew.

Of course, growing up and immersed in Catholicism did not allow me to ask those questions out loud – especially in the early 80’s. The church was still gripped in the middle ages, as far as women were concerned. People came into mass and went out from mass just about the same as always .. nothing much ever changed. Bingos, soccer games, cake walks, and the holy days came and went with lots of partying and seemingly happy times in-between each. The only difference, in my opinion, between the world and the church … was simply making sure you attended mass at Easter and Christmas…and maybe a confession once or twice a year to confess your sins and get ‘clean’.  Of course none of this was truly visible to a young woman trying to find her way, while she was finding her way. One can only tune in the dial, when one is outside the wheel. Hindsight is 20-20 they say – and for good reason.

But time marches on, never standing still for long, and eventually my soul-search for truth led me to various pathways that I would never  have discovered without His help along the way. This will be an ongoing story….and maybe you will follow along and share the ride with me. Hope you do. It’s been a crazy ride and I’m sure it’s not quite over. Maybe it will help give you encouragement in your own journey.

In the meantime, going back to the beginning of this post, Sabbath is drawing in, calling my name, inviting me to join the One who rested on the first 7th day. So, let me ask you, have you ever thought about what is the Sabbath….what does it mean to you? Does it mean anything at all? If not, why not? Have you ever pondered the 4th commandment that the Almighty One Himself gave to all His children? Have you ever considered that this is the day that the One you say you follow kept holy? So many questions and the organized church had no answers for me except to say that they had the power to change what I read in the Holy Scriptures. I needed more than to be told ‘don’t question the church’.

So until next time, think on Sabbath. Ask the questions. Test Everything! You owe it to yourself to know the truth….you owe it to yourself to live the truth!

Sabbath blessings to all ….

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