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Of our lives….

The seasons come and go….bringing with them birth, growth, maturity and more.

At that first gasp for air, filling tiny lungs with the breath of life, a new soul enters into the spring of their life. This is the season of birth, of newness, of freshness. That helpless and dependent little soul thrives on the nurturing and love of the ones entrusted to care for them. That young life is subject to its circumstances and environment. Spring.

Summer…the brightest, warmest and most exciting time of our journey! Summer brings new adventures, new friends, exciting and eventful filled days. We mature, we grow, we reach towards the heavens without fear. Summer is the time of love. Summer is the time of setting down roots, building families and loving life. Summer.

Fall….and daylight shortens as we reach the mid-point of our lives. Time is now realized as something tangible, something to be lost, something to be reckoned with as we march through each day. And each day brings situations and circumstances we never imagined we would see when our spring and summer days filled our entirety and focus was inward. Now…fall brings a focus on reality, on legacy and on more than just the number one.

And then there is Winter…winter brings another season into focus. A season of reckoning, a season of realizing that the cycle is almost complete. It is the end of the journey of seasons. It is a time of reflection, of evaluation and of resignation. It is a time of checking that bucket list and deciding whether you completed the check list…or not. And even if it is your time for the winter season, there is still time left. Still time to live, love and laugh.

Bottom line, no matter what season you find your life immersed in, take time to find joy in the little things, amazement in the over-the-top events, and never, ever give up! THIS is the best season of your life!

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