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As I was searching YouTube for Hanukkah songs to entertain the kids when they come up for Shabbat dinner, one particular video kept popping up in the feed. Finally clicking on it I re-watched it and the flood of remembrance crept slowly through my heart…it was our oldest son, Jim, sharing with everyone how his family celebrated Hanukkah.  It was hard to actually watch it – bittersweet if you will because of the range of emotion that swept over me. What you can’t see in the video is that my husband and I were there when it was filmed. As the film rolled on we were sitting in the other room – silently watching. In hindsight, I wish we would have had the boldness to just get up and walk over and stand on either side of our family – making it complete and whole. But, like they say, hindsight is always 20-20. Maybe someday in the near future it will be so.

This is a difficult season…in fact all the Feast Days of the LORD are difficult for us now. It is a time of riding out the ebb and flow of emotions that side-swipe my resolve of trusting whole-heartedly that there is a greater plan and a real purpose for all the grief and pain that we have endured. With my youngest son Jason now missing from this time realm, my heart is still filled with raw emotion that overwhelms me without warning and brings me to my knees. Piled on top of that trauma of life is the daily, on-going and mind-numbing acknowledgement that our oldest son, Jim, has also been removed from ‘our’ time realm. Again.

However, here we are….in the season of Hanukkah, a season of renewal, a time of cleansing and rededication of our own temples. And just as the battle of the few conquered the many that came against them in ancient times, our small family continues overcoming the skirmishes that want to remove us from the front lines. Yes, we are battle-torn and worn….but we are still standing. We hold tight to the Sword of Truth gripped in our hands and have witnessed the legion of angels that the King of the Kingdom has surrounded us with on all sides. We have had to ‘see’ beyond what we think we know and feel and believe to be true and step into an unknown realm of time. As we lift our gaze and focus on what’s ahead, the LIGHT of the Messiah soothes our soul and chases away the darkness as we move forward.

Many others are going through their own life’s trials and bear heartaches they never thought they would have to deal with as they try to serve their King. Many are struggling with continuously trying to get up and go forward. But there really is no other option. Life has been a battle since we left the Garden of Paradise, and it will always be so until we collect our ‘winnings’ on the other side of time. We must keep standing…we must keep going forward. So please, please stand with us, let us all go forward together during these eight days and renew and rededicate our lives, as we will do with ours. Take the time to light the flame within your soul with a determination to finish the race as you stay enveloped in the Light of the Messiah – and never, ever let go of that Sword of Truth!

Enjoy the following teaching from our son.

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