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It’s been 30 years since I stumbled upon the wonderful world of Shabbat….30 years and counting. Not to say that in the beginning I just jumped all in and gave up my Sunday for Saturday – not at all. For me, it was like a very gradual process. But as I look back, I can now appreciate more of the little things. The little things like just thanking the Heavenly Father for even allowing me to know about His set apart day!

Who knew that He had never changed His mind!? Growing up Catholic, there was never any reason to question why we did what we did.  We just did it, convinced that Sunday was the ‘Lord’s Day’. Little did I know that it wasn’t what HE thought – it was just what had happened through the course of time and what happens when one gets separated from their roots. But sometimes something happens that does make you question the why’s and wherefore’s … and be careful when you do that! It may lead you into a whole different direction.

In this instance, I’m glad it did! Questioning such a simple thing as what does ‘forever‘ mean led our family to one question after another. At first it was a one-woman operation, as they say. Each day a new question or scripture would arise and each time I would tackle it and go searching for truth. And so it went. Day after day, week after week, month after month – year after year.

All that questioning AUTHORITY (hehe) led me to the greatest adventure ever….EVER! First came Shabbat, and then came the Feast Days of the LORD (yep, found out that they were ‘forever’ as well!). Understanding the meaning of these set-apart days in light of Messiah (Jesus) past and future became a turning point not only for myself, but eventually for my entire family.

While the story or our journey is quite interesting (well to me anyway), needless to say it has all been worth it – amidst all the opposition, the nay-sayers, the ups and downs, yes, it has all been worth it. Lies have been traded for truth…and not just any truth…but HIS truth, found in HIS word. Now, that is truth!

All that to say, here we find ourselves again, on the eve of Shabbat …. ahhhhh…… what a blessing to honor Him in the way He wants to be honored.

Shabbat Shalom!


  1. 7-1-2017

    Someone new recently asked me how they could bring Shabbat into their life. I said “Whenever someone tries to inject something into Shabbat you simply say ‘I have a previous commitment'”. My standing appointment with my King trumps all else. You don’t fit Shabbat into your life. You adjust your life around Shabbat! Amen

    • 7-2-2017

      I love this Pam! Great insight – and I can just seeing myself say that with a great big smile on my face!

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