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The set apart day has arrived this last part of the month of June …. or the fourth month according to biblical reckoning and I awoke to the sounds of a small feathered choir….peeping out to see if the warmth of the burning globe in the sky would return. It promises to grace us today and dry out the sogginess still lingering in the air. It is a strange phenomenon what the hiding of the sun for any length of time does to all that it previously smiled upon….everything seems to hold its breath…waiting. And when it bursts forth – oh my! The rainbow of colors from the drenched garden of earth burst forth in even brighter and more radiant kaleidoscope of color. Deep breaths are taken by those who behold the golden globe and eyes are raised in silent blessings, whispering thank you, Lord.

Funny how that works….it must be something mystical…something within us that inherently searches and longs and desires for the warmth of something outside what we can accomplish ourselves. Something resides within us that instinctively knows and understands that nothing we can create by rubbing two sticks together will provide us with what that firey globe in the sky can create. And so, we linger a little in its golden rays…soaking in the strength, and warmth and nourishment of it’s blessing.

And today, as we enter into Shabbat, the clouds hold back their tears and the soul-awakening rays kiss the leaves and warm the earth in honor of the Queen who has arrived! And the One who makes this all possible, who holds the intricacy in the palm of His hand – smiles. All things come to those who wait. He is our provider, our redeemer, the lover of our soul.

Walk in peace – coming in and going out – blessings to you and your family on this Sabbath day!

Sabbath rest

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