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Today has many meanings … of course, today, July 24th is Shabbat – she rises to the top!

Another aspect of July 24th, if you follow the Hebrew Calendar, is this would be Av 15. A very interesting date in the Hebrew Calendar. According to Jewish historians, the 15th of Av was when the generation that came out of Egypt under Moses’ leadership died out int he desert. They wandered 38 years through the wilderness until a new generation of Israelites stood ready to enter the Holy Land. It was the 15th of Av of the year 2487 from creation, or 1274 BCE.

Another 15th of Av memorial was the Inter-Tribal Marriage was lifted in the 13th century BCE. This had been put in place to ensure the orderly division of the Holy Land between the 12 tribes. The restriction was lifted on the 15th of Av.

Another marker is that beginning with Tu B’Av, many start preparing themselves spiritually for the month of Elul, the prologue to the coming Days of Awe. It is a time to take spiritual stock of your life and begin preparing for the fall holidays.

There are many more memorial markers for the 15th of Av and you can read all about them at Aish.

And finallyon a personal note... this particular July 24th would have been my 51st Anniversary with my high-school sweetheart, Jim Staley, Jr. He left this time realm 3 years this coming December…but he is forever in my thoughts and heart. Jim was a much sought after heart throb in our younger years, but the Father had a mission in mind for us and we were united in marriage July 24, 1970 … just 2 months after I graduated high school, and only 6 months after I turned 18. Was it all a piece of cake? Certainly not! There were many times I thought we would not make it ….. but we did! Come hell or high-water – we survived and our legacy is part of what kept us going forward.

And now, memories abound in our legacy, and is centered around our eight beautiful grand daughters that our sons, Jim III and Jason Scott blessed us with.

What more could one ask for…..

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