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My beautiful, sweet, loving and graceful grand daughter, Sierra Grace, has reached a milestone today! She has entered a new era in her young life and turns the page from 17 years to >> 18 << years.

That number is very signifcant. In Hebrew the number 18 represents LIFE. As we dug into those numbers we found more ~ 9×2 = 18 – 9 is the number of the gifts of the Spirit and 2 is the number of a witness, so we can all witness today that she has definitely learned the gifts of the Spirit! Going further you have 3x3x3 which the # 3 biblically represents divine wholeness, completeness and perfection! I would say that all of that just about sums up our beautiful sweet Sierra!

Through the years she has grown from a precocious little impish tomboy and transformed into a graceful and daunting presence! I love absolutely every little thing about her! Enjoy the memories!


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