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There are signs in the heavens happening all around us – but it seems like this month and next there are some extra special ones happening in the day and night skies! Have you heard the buzz? Are you getting prepared? Got your party planned and your eclipse glasses ready? NO? Well, rest assured, there are probably more in your boat than you think. I’m one of them.

That doesn’t mean I’m not watching – oh I am! Excitement abounds – anticipation oozes! But I’ll stay int he safe abode of my living room and watch the tv and see what happens in full color – and in complete safety! The eclipse that is fast approaching is definitely one to ‘look’ into … both figuratively and other realmly. So many strange things are being said about the coming happenings – the meteorite shower tonight and tomorrow….the solar eclipse in 10 days, end of world etc etc etc…. What is truth and what is, well, hype? Who knows anymore – everything is quoted by experts and touted as bonafide truth!

So, let’s step back a minute and take a deep breath. Yes, there are some fascinating bullet points to what is coming up, but let’s not uhhhh…lose our heads shall we? If anything, this is a time where we can all come together (WHAT? – yes it could be one of those times!) and pray that His Will be accomplished! No matter what is coming down the road (or from the skies) if our faith and trust is in Him, than – yeah – we’ll be fine.  So, LOOK UP.…your redemption draweth near!


  1. 8-12-2017

    AMEN! Anytime people get hyped with “End Times” I ask “So are you telling people about Jesus so they can be reconciled with the Father today?” I wonder if I am doing all I can to live, breath and move to show others the Father’s love so they desire to be a part of His Kingdom. I have questions like everyone else about ‘that day.’ “What happens to my animals, my dogs and cats, if, as some believe, I am whooshed into the heavens with the Lord?” My human side is saddened to think they will be left to starve, to turn on each other for food, to be prey for other animals/people. BUT my trust is is the LORD my Savior and my God. HE who is mighty to save and knows my every care is full of compassion and mercy. Whatever happens, My Father Knows Best and I will trust Him.

    • 8-14-2017

      So true Virginia! so very true!

  2. 8-12-2017


    We are in your boat.

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