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Yes…it is spring again.

A renewal of life.

It is just around the corner….

Well, if you feel like that proverbial corner is about a mile away – you’re not alone. Here in the middle of the country, the days are still topsy-turvey. One day 70, the next 30…..COME ON! I know they say it’s Missouri….but really??? I seriously need to see the SUN. Seriously. It seems as if the proverbial darkness outside is creeping underneath the door frames and silently swallowing up the light within. Yes, it has been a long winter….one that just doesn’t want to let go, in so many ways other than just a season passing.

But that proverbial corner … truly is out there…even if you can’t ‘see’ it. And knowing that it is out there enables me to put one foot in front of the other, getting closer to it’s location every day. Knowing that the sun is still circling the earth trying so hard to break through the clouds and kiss the earth is my sword of strength to slice through the darkness. It’s not a time to despair – it’s a time to break through! But I’ll need more than just brute force to wield that 8′ sword….

So that brings us back to the SUN….and the one that truly gives light…and life. The real SON. I call him Yeshua (which in Hebrew means salvation) and not “Jesus” anymore. Knowing what his Hebrew name means brings a depth that the English fails to do. Now, Jesus is a perfectly fine name, don’t get me wrong. It just wasn’t what his momma and daddy called him. Imagine if you would that you were standing right behind the Son of the Most High God … and you said “HEY JESUS” … you’d feel pretty devastated when He didn’t turn around right away, wouldn’t you? I know I would. And if he did…he would probably correct you and say, ‘no hon, it’s Yeshua’. And if he was too polite to correct you, well I can assure you that his sidekick Peter would have! Oh…and Peter’s name was actually Yochanan. Yeah, I know, it’s a whole new lingo to learn, and it can be unnerving at times, but somehow, understanding  and realizing that I just don’t know what I don’t know…is kinda comforting.

Anyway, if you are waiting on spring to return and the sun to shine….think on THE SON and allow him to warm your heart and shine his light on your life. It will cause you to take that next step and keep going forward!



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