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It surely is – spring I mean. And it’s about time (although they are calling for another 30’s weekend).  However, I’ll drink in the beauty of the rainbow colors that are bursting forth all over our small homestead. The brilliant yellow of the daffodils is on the decline, the passionate purple of the henbits is all over the place and appears to be a flowing carpet when the breeze picks up. Popping pink in the magnolia trees are dotting the yards and everything is turning up COLOR!

Yes, as you can tell, this is my favorite time of the year. Winter is grasping at spring by the coattails, but he will lose and we will spring forward into the renewed beauty of life. It is an ongoing process….one might say it is cyclical.

Cyclical…interesting word. It means to ‘occur in circles’. Interesting. It’s what the Holy One of Israel, the Creator Himself instructs us in the beginning of the book about the days He holds dear to His Heart. He instructs those who want to be ‘His people’ that they should ‘keep His feast days’. And they will occur each year (cyclical) for all of time. Actually, it says they are perpetual.

Now, mind you, when I read that part, I was still attending my Catholic Church and was (in my eyes) a good one at that.  It was around the time I was thirty something that I started searching for a little bit more … I kept asking myself, ‘Is this all there is’? Well, if you don’t want the answer, don’t ask the question. Let me say, I found the little bit more. And I found it in the black on white words in the book we call the Bible. This time thought, I started at the beginning of the book.

How many of us, having grown up in ‘church’, have never actually read the beginning of the book? And if we happen to have had the rare opportunity to do so … we simply don’t see it as part of our heritage, that it doesn’t really pertain to our culture, our time, our lives? But as I began reading, I wondered that age old question – why? Mmmmm I considered myself part of His people didn’t I? And what about that pesky word perpetual? So many times I pondered to myself – how long is perpetual anyway?

The question just didn’t set well with my logical brain….and it nagged at me for years until it was time to face it head on and see what was what. And when I finally faced the issue….oh my! Well, truth be told, I had to re-align my paradigm of what I had been taught, what I believed and how I lived. It was not an easy process for me, nor was it overnight. It was a process, it was a journey, but there was no turning back, that was a fact.

By nature, I love to read, explore, question, find out what is true and what isn’t. My wiring is such that I just don’t take what someone says as gospel…I always have a million questions. Most people, I found out, don’t like those kind of questions; many times because they don’t have the answers.

So here I am, 30+ years later and grasping on to those words I originally found in His word. My path has led me into embracing what pleases Him, and not just something simply that I have grown up with. Setting aside various traditions and beliefs was not an easy thing either, some of it was like scraping an old wound – it hurt. People judged. Family judged. And many times the thought crossed my mind that it would be much easier to just follow the crowd. But something deep within me said, no. Do I please man (myself) or God? What kind of answer could I give?

So as our family continues our journey…..we will continue to search out the truth of the scriptures. All of them. And if ‘our’ way isn’t ‘His’ way…then we will follow Him. We hope you will re-examine the beginning of the book as well. This is a great time to do so as the beginning of the seven ordained by God himself feast days is upon us. It is the Feast Day of Passover and the richness and the depth of symbolism within this Feast Day of our Messiah, the one we say we cling to, abounds.

If you would like to know a little bit more about Passover, Unleavened Bread and First Fruits (death, burial and resurrection!) please email me or contact me … and let’s talk!



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