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Yes, life is full of pot-holes and the road you are on will always have twists and turns, ups and downs. Always. It’s a guarantee in a world of non-guarantees.

But there is a difference on how you travel that pot-filled road…a difference between smooth-sailing and stalled out. It’s all in how you approach the road. Approaching the terrain full of trepidation, negativity and apprehension will always make those pot-holes seem a whole lot bigger than they actually are.  Traveling the same road knowing that your tires are in good shape, your navigation system is working and you have confidence in the outcome makes a world of difference. It’s all in your perspective!

So as we travel those rocky paths, or pot-filled roads, looking for those green fields or smooth roads, let’s remember what Psalm 23 says … from a different perspective. I think you’ll get the picture!

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