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another message that needed to be shared twice 🙂

Sukkot 2020 was unique in so many ways.

Sukkot 2020 was easy…Sukkot 2020 was hard.

Sukkot 2020 was exhilerating…Sukkot 2020 was draining.

Sukkot 2020 was filled with laughter…Sukkot 2020 was drenched with tears.

Sukkot 2020 was all these and more!

This was the first year in exactly five years to the date that my first-born son, Jim, experienced a family Sukkot. This was the first year in five years that my son Jim laughed freely, embraced often and walked with head held high as his spirit touched the heavens. This was the first time in five years that our family celebrated the Feast of Tabernacles with friends.

This was also the first time in five years where his father, Jim, and his younger brother Jason – were missing from our group celebration. My husband, Jim, left this world almost two years ago and his younger brother and only sibling, Jason, left a year before his dad.  Their faces were missed around the camp and especially around the campfire. My heart rose and sank on various memories as the days went on during the 8 day Feast of our Lord.

It was probably the most difficult to go back to my tiny cabin at days end by myself and realize that … well, I was by myself. Some say it gets easier. I hope so. I don’t like feeling like this – and yet – it has been said that if I didn’t, then something else would be wrong … I get it. But it doesn’t really make it any easier. Having my husband by my side for almost 50 years and doing so much of the ‘little & big’ things – it’s hard to get used to doing it all myself.  And then of course….losing a child is never supposed to happen.

But with all that, Sukkot 2020 was still one to be remembered….one with more good memories than bad, more laughter than tears, more easy than hard…Sukkot 2020 was a blessing!




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