Elul – Day 7

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Elul  Day 7 THE KING IS IN THE FIELD In the month of Elul (our August/September), it is said that in tradition that the King, God Himself, comes down from his throne and walks in the field waiting for us to come out to meet him. This is the season that He is very close by, so gaze out the window of your soul and run to the one that loves you more than anyone ever could! During this season of Elul … this 30 days of introspection, we can sometimes realize that we are not who we say we are, or maybe we are and we don’t like that part of us. This is the month when He is holding our...

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Hanukkah musings…..

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It’s true – Hanukkah or Chanukah or however you want to spell it, is simply, in the Hebrew mindset, a FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS! It is not a commandment or appointed gathering, but it is a celebration of freedom over tyranny and oppression. And, it surely is a great excuse to get the family and friends together, eat fried food (love those latkes!), play dreidel and enjoy holiday traditions. Time for you to tell the story of how a few rag-tag believers had victory over the strongest of enemies – and make it personal! When researching the traditions of Hanukkah, many have been...

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The Source of the Light

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From a friend on FB: The Source of the Light I’d like for you all to humor me a moment. What I’m going to say could be difficult for many to read. It might even anger some. But hear me out. The days for Hanukkah and Christmas are approaching. And it seems there has come a sort of battle between the two. I’m going to try very hard to not put my personal opinion in this but to point to facts and Scripture. On the surface, the two holidays could be seen as “holy days”. They both contain light. Both in a dark and cold time of year. Who wouldn’t want to have...

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