Elul – Day 22

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HIS MERCY ENDURES FOREVER Sometimes we have a lot of trouble believing that – especially when one is going through a lot of trials and tribulations that never seem to end. Our faith weakens and falters. But let’s take a look at a few bible characters and see if we can increase that weakened faith. Take a look at the greatest prophet of what we call the “Old Testament” – Moshe – or Moses in English. His greatest test of faith came when he descended Mt. Sinai and was greeted full force with blatant idolatry by the ones he had just led out of Egypt. The sin...

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Elul – Day 21

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A BROKEN HEART – How to heal One can not go through the journey of life without making mistakes … sometimes pretty big mistakes! Our lives and those around us break, and even life itself can bend us so far that we don’t know how to straighten up again. I’ve often said, we are broke people living in a broke world…we’re all broke. But there is a remedy for this condition! I’m sure you’ve heard it said, ‘when given lemons in life, make lemonade’. It’s really true my friend, make lemonade! You have two choices when given lemons in...

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Elul – Day 15

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TAKE IT OFF! OK got your attention! Today we must ‘face’ ourselves. How do we do that and what does that exactly mean? Well, think about it – each of us wear different faces, depending on the circumstance or the situation we find ourselves in. It is, for lack of a better word, survival. It is how we get through the day. Sigh. The Hebrew word for face is panim and it comes from the same root as pnim which means ‘interior’.  Interior. The inside – of you and of me. As with any Hebrew word, the Holy One named each and every part of His creation for their...

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Sustenance of Prayer

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Prayers for Sustenance O God, Who provides food and raiment to every creature, open Your loving hand unto me, and sustain me and give me nourishment in a useful and honorable calling with will allow me to manifest Y’shua as my Lord. Help me to support my household in a worthy and honorable calling. Help me to support my household by lawful and not forbidden means, in a manner free from shame, disgrace, or unholiness. Let me walk in the way of the righteous before You, and by grace receiving Your blessing of prosperity upon all my undertakings. May I be empowered to assist in sacred causes,...

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