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A list of trees that you can tap for the sap!

1. Sugar Maple is the most popular sap producer. It yields the highest volume and concentration of any tree.

2. Black Maple trees produce almost as much as the sugar maple and are another great option.

3. Red Maple trees don’t produce nearly as much as the sugar maple trees, but they do produce some.

4. Silver Maple trees produce similarly to red maples. Their sugar content is lower than that of the sugar maple.

5. Norway Maple is less sweet, like the silver maple, but still produces.

6. Bigleaf Maple trees are found along the Pacific Northwest. They produce less sap with lower sugar content than sugar maples, but they have found their way into the commercial market so the difference must not be that significant.

7. Canyon Maple is found mainly in the Rocky Mountain region of the US. It produces a sweet sap like the sugar maple, but a lower volume.

8. Rocky Mountain Maple trees should be found in the Rocky Mountains you would think, but they can be found all over the western US.

9. Boxelder trees will produce sap, but it will be significantly less sweet compared to the sugar maple and yields about half as much.

10. Gorosoe trees are widely found in Korea. Koreans drink the sap as opposed to boiling it down to syrup.


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