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This week the buzz is all about how different THIS Thanksgiving will be and how much we can’t experience. But let’s treat that ‘buzz‘ like the nasty little critter it is … and SWAT IT!  We have MUCH to be thankful for this year. Whether you have chosen to seclude yourself within your home and have your own turkey dinner, or you’ve chosen to carry on as usual, each and every one of us have much to be thankful for!  It is time to recognize that fact and change our perspective on our situation.

‘In the day‘ – and that is quite a long time ago, I began my ‘married’ life with hosting almost every holiday that rolled around. The dinner table would carefully be set up with unique and specially prepared dishes to match whatever event rolled around in the calendar year. Little turkey molds of cranberry relish with whipped cream, or cut-outs of pumpkins and turkeys for the Thanksgiving tables, each and every setting lovingly set with great anticipation. Year after year after year for nearly 45 years it was my joy to invite my entire family (which included not just parents, but in-laws, grandparents, all 5 siblings and their families) over to whatever house we happened to live in and celebrate together. It truly was a labor of love. From our first gathering in that 12×60 mobile home to our beautiful farmhouse…no detail was too small, no chore too big. All done in the name of FAMILY and LOVE.

However, so much has changed. With both my youngest son, Jason, and my husband, Jim, now gone from this time realm, along with the separation periods of my oldest son Jim and his family … the motivation seems to have darn near disappeared. In fact, truth be told, the last few years have held little interest in my doing just about anything as it seemed my home was in ashes. However, the flame wasn’t extinguished…an ember still flickered here and there and for some reason…..this COVID thing has resurrected a tiny spark of motivation. Who knows why is beyond me. BUT being told I can NOT do something…has always gone against the grain with me. In fact, telling me NOT to do something, usually has the opposite affect and I try my best to DO it. So here we are….Covid Thanksgiving 2020. And I’m determined NOT to focus on the negative….but to focus on the POSITIVE!

This morning I met for prayer with one of my two prayer partners…..we shared that same feeling and we blessed and thanked our Heavenly Father for ALL that He has done in our lives! Even for those extremely hard situations, we praised Him. We praised him and thanked him for giving us discernment, for allowing us to be wise and prudent in our decision making, for placing us in those family situations, for choosing our family for us and our soulmates and giving us those special guardian angels in our lives that lift us up when no one else seems to be around. There was so much we both shared that we were thankful for and in the end…..we felt uplifted and blessed beyond measure!

So, this week my beloved, GIVE THANKS – prepare yourself by contemplating on what you have, rather than what you don’t have. It’s all about perspective!

This Thanksgiving, yes, I will spend it with a few special people that won’t be there …. but I will give THANKS for the ones I will be with and will remember with gratitude and love all those that have left the table just a little bit too early.

May your bounty overflow and your heart be at peace! ~ Pam ~

This is only a part of my family….my husband, Jim, of 48 years and my youngest son, Jason, who was 41, were there in spirit; so many other family members were not able to join us last year, but we were so blessed to have our parents and the legacy of their union.

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  1. 11-24-2020

    Precious Pam! What a beautiful article! I couldn’t agree with you more! Yes, life does have a habit of dealing out unwelcome ‘surprises’ but if you really DO wantto find something to be THANKFUL for, generally, one doesn’t have to look too far! You have blessed and uplifted me beyond measure! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

    • 11-25-2020

      Dear Tony …. and you have immeasureably blessed my day!!! Thank you for taking the time to write …. 🙂 .. May your Thanksgiving be one of blessing and joy! ~ Pam

  2. 11-25-2020

    Thank you for such positive thoughts in the face of so much that is negative in your life and amongst us all at the moment. We, as Believers, do have so much to be thankful for.
    I love to hear from brothers and sisters across the pond.

    • 11-25-2020

      Blessings to you Valerie! And thank you for sharing with all of us … yes, we have SO much to be thankful for! ~ Pam

  3. 11-25-2020

    And we are thankful for———–YOU!!!!

    • 11-25-2020

      Not as much as >>I<< am thankful for you, Mom!

  4. 11-26-2020

    Thank you for the beautiful reminder to be thankful in all circumstances, remembering the past with heartfelt gratitude, finding God’s joy and blessings in this day, and looking forward to my future!
    You expressed God’s love perfectly on this day of thanksgiving!!
    Many blessings to you and yours 🦋

    • 11-30-2020

      Thank you Debbie!!! Sometimes we just need to remind each other of how many blessings we have!

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