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Thanksgiving is right around the corner and as I plan and revise and tweak the menu and contemplate where on earth 20+ people are going to sit, gather and have leg room….a smile tugs at my lips and warm fuzzies start bubbling up from deep within….it’s family reunion time! So many memories… many great triumphs and a few baked flops…but all worth pulling out of the brain box!

Our family is pretty nice sized … being the oldest of six children, a lot over the years has fallen on my shoulders – never really realized that – nor have I ever minded actually. I love being around the people I love! But it sure has grown into an ‘event‘! But what is family for if not gathering at the important times and reminiscing for the young uns how the ‘good ole days‘ looked? After all, families are made up of the good, the bad and the ugly – but let’s focus on the GOOD!

Almost 45 years ago I planned my first ‘married‘ Thanksgiving – back then our family wasn’t as large, but it was still pretty cramped with my five siblings and parents and grandparents  sitting around a kitchen table in a 12 x 60 mobile home! That was back in the early 70’s…and here we are 45 years later, still hauling out the extra leaf for the dining room table and looking for that long put away and forgotten punch bowl!

The good thing as we get older…is that there is a new crop of youngsters sprouting up that help out in the most wonderful ways! For instance, my nieces love – LOVE – to make all the desserts! YEAH!!! My mom usually brings a big ole turkey – an organic one at that (which I never would be able to justify the price!) but am always appreciatetive of all the organic goodies she brings all the way from Kansas!

So here we are again…planning, revising and tweaking the menu – and then – come to find out the only staple on the menu without being changed is turkey, dressing and potatoes! The rest is simply … well, gravy!

May your Thanksgiving, no matter your traditions or the people attending – whether 2 to 200 – be one filled with lots of laughter, love and bunches of warm fuzzies!  This is the time when we give THANKS to the ones whose shoulders we stand upon….for without them…..we wouldn’t even be here. Be full of THANKS!


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