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The Back Roads…..Have You Been There?

Speaking of those back roads…..have you traveled any? Can you look in your rear-view mirror of life and draw from your past? Most, probably all of us, are able to do a look-see. Those smooth sailing, easy joy riding times were actually …. truth be told are the ones when you were on vacation! The back roads are our typical day to day journey – juggling this and maneuvering around that and screeching to halts when something appears in the middle of the road.

At least, that’s how I feel about all the back roads I’ve traveled. One of my early back roads was taking a detour from my predetermined road of a religion. Leaving the Catholic Church was not an easy decision….and yet, it was not difficult either. As one who has always been a searcher of ‘truth‘, always searching for answers and open to more than one opinion, I’ve never been  one to stay on the main road. Ever. And to be honest, those back roads are so much more interesting than whizzing by on the interstate with everything going by in a flash of color!

Taking the unconventional side road has led me many times to the various countries – Mexico, Costa Rico, Hawaii, and best of all Israel – many times! Each back road adventure equipped my tool kit with newfangled wrenches, hammers and whatchamacallits. Those tools equipped me to share my deepest passion, truths that I found along the way. Truth in organized religion, truth in equality, truth in life.

That first big side road that was taken away from organized religion led me on twists and turns and finally back into the first pages of the Bible. While I slowly turned those ancient pages, the stories of my ancestors came alive, questions arose that needed answers and a new side road emerged around the corner. Those stories, became my story … and I’m still walking them out along those ever emerging side roads. Come on, join me!

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