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I believe the sleeping giant (or shall I say the sleeping RUACH/Spirit) is being awakend in each of us……can you sense it? can you feel it? are you trembling on the edge of your seat with anticipation, not knowing what to do?

The ember of indignation that has been sitting underneath that pile of contentment has been fanned and is beginning to glow ever so slowly…but just as in a real fire, the embers must be carefully fanned else they die out.

Each of us are softly blowing on those faint red embers within us, around us, and coaxing them into life with each testimony, each witness. One stands up…then another… and another until the BONHOEFFER bursts from within our self-imposed boundaries of doubt and complacency leaping into a BONFIRE of righteous souls standing up for TRUTH, walking forward with CONFIDENCE and PURPOSE! Heads held high, staff in hand and the armor of the Lord tightly bound around our frail bodies as we face off to the corruption and death in our country, our states and our neighborhooods!

We are united in His Truth, His Word, His Kingdom!!! Will you join us? The Ruach haKodesh (Holy Spirit) is whispering to you! Join us as we PRAY UNCEASINGLY!

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