Posted on Aug 6, 2019 | 6 comments

Are you in a place today where you think no one cares….no one sees?

Please, take a step back, breathe in deeply and listen …. there is a God who Sees….




  1. 8-7-2019


    • 8-16-2019

      Take what you can and pass it forward! Keep on….keeping on!

  2. 8-9-2019

    Thank you Pam. And may the God who sees wrap His loving arms around you bringing comfort.
    Beautiful video!

    • 8-16-2019

      Thank you so much and may His favor shine upon you and all you do!

  3. 8-9-2019

    I love women

    • 8-16-2019

      Good thing I know who you are and respect and admire you dear friend 🙂 ….. that is a loaded phrase! Love you back!

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