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The Little Things … yes, I’ve learned to appreciate the little things. Not saying that the BIG stuff isn’t important – you know – like the 50th wedding anniversary, or your best friend getting married, or even just buying a new house. But while those monumental timestamps definitely have a place in life’s journey, we have many more small moments, little things, much, much more often. Because of that we might tend to overlook them, disregard them or just simply ignore them.  After all, they are just simple, everyday happenings.

But it is the little moments that will carry you through the next crisis, lift you up on a cloudy and damp morning, and bring you a sense of peace during a chaotic day – or even just a bad news day! Tiny little moments like two hummingbirds hovering over you as they remind you the feeder is empty, or outwitting the nefarious squirrels by putting something as simple as a slinky on the pole, or gazing at the little goldfish in your pretend coy pond…all of these and so much more bring peace to a weary soul.

If you don’t believe me, and you’re always waiting for the next big thing…..go to the nearest wooded area, or sit on your back porch, or even take a walk in the cool of the evening. Now look around. Notice the small things. Pay attention to the exquisite and perfectly painted wildflowers and weeds blowing in the breeze as you walk a bit more slowly past them. Focus a bit more intently on the chorus of the feathered orchestra singing praises to their Creator. Allow yourself to deeply feel the breeze as it kisses your cheek. Slowly give way to the senses of awe and wonder as you soak in the small moments that the Creator of all has blessed you with – every moment of every day.

Those little moments, if you choose to allow them, will become the healing balm of life’s bumps and pitfalls. Yes, it is the little things that will dry your tears, heal your soul and bring you peace in times of trouble. They are all around you, every moment, every day – appreciate them!

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  1. 7-3-2017

    Ken, the older I become the more important the little moments. My grandson, now three inches taller than I, coming up behind me and giving me a big hug while whispering in my ear I love you granny. When I am siting outside a dusk I remember a firefly expedition my granddaughter and I had when she was very little. What I remember most is the the dark being lit up by all the fireflies and my granddaughter dancing and twirling among them. Yes, those memories have made me smile in the dark days of my life. Todah for your post.

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