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So…here we are. The night before what is termed as the most important election in United States history. Well, I’m not sure if that’s true, but it IS important – VERY IMPORTANT!!

It is very disconcerting to me to know that there are many people (family AND friends) who do not vote….very disconcerting! I simply do not understand it!! Do they not realize that to NOT vote ….. IS …. TO …. VOTE!!!???

Please people, please….reconsider what is at stake in this election. We are headed for socialism….communism….the death of our country as the founding fathers saw it if we do not take the initiative to study out the issues. Look at the ISSUESNOT the politicians! One party believes this…the other part belives that. If you would like to see the black and white – here it is – this is from Diffen:

Democrat Republican
Philosophy Liberal, left-leaning. Conservative, right-leaning.
Economic Ideas Minimum wages and progressive taxation, i.e., higher tax rates for higher income brackets. Born out of anti-federalist ideals but evolved over time to favor more government regulation. Believe taxes shouldn’t be increased for anyone (including the wealthy) and that wages should be set by the free market.
Social and human ideas Based on community and social responsibility Based on individual rights and justice
Stance on Military issues Decreased spending Increased spending
Stance on Gay Marriage Support (some Democrats disagree) Oppose (some Republicans disagree)
Stance on Abortion Should remain legal; support Roe v. Wade Should not be legal (with some exceptions); oppose Roe v. Wade
Stance on Death Penalty While support for the death penalty is strong among Democrats, opponents of the death penalty are a substantial fraction of the Democratic base. A large majority of Republicans support the death penalty.
Stance on Taxes Progressive (high income earners should be taxed at a higher rate). Generally not opposed to raising taxes to fund government. Tend to favor a “flat tax” (same tax rate regardless of income). Generally opposed to raising taxes.
Stance on Government Regulation Government regulations are needed to protect consumers. Government regulations hinder free market capitalism and job growth.
Healthcare Policy Support universal healthcare; strong support of government involvement in healthcare, including Medicare and Medicaid. Generally support Obamacare. Private companies can provide healthcare services more efficiently than government-run programs. Oppose Obamacare provisions like (1) requirement for individuals to buy health insurance or pay a fine, (2) required coverage of contraceptives.
Stance on Immigration There is greater overall support in the Democratic party for a moratorium on deporting – or offering a pathway to citizenship to – certain undocumented immigrants. e.g. those with no criminal record, who have lived in the U.S. for 5+ years. Republicans are generally against amnesty for any undocumented immigrants. They also oppose President Obama’s executive order that put a moratorium on deporting certain workers. Republicans also fund stronger enforcement actions at the border.
Traditionally strong in states California, Massachusetts, New York Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas
Symbol Donkey Elephant
Color Blue Red
Founded in 1824 1854
Senate Leader Chuck Schumer Mitch McConnell
Chairperson Tom Perez Ronna Romney McDaniel
Famous Presidents Franklin Roosevelt (FDR), John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Woodrow Wilson, Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Richard Nixon
Seats in the Senate 45/100 (not including 2 independent Senators who caucus with the Democratic Party) 53/100
Seats in the House of Representatives 235/435 200/435
Governorships 23/50 27/50
Membership 44.7 million (as of 2017) 32.8 million (as of 2017)
2020 Presidential nominee Joe Biden Donald Trump

So…. do your homework….vote the issues, even though it is hard to ignore the person 🙂

Vote as if your children’s and your children’s childrens lives depend on it….. THEY DO!!!

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  1. 11-3-2020

    One of the things these lists do is help the reader realize what they actually believe and want. Most conservatives have no idea how socialized they really are and how un American they are by definition of the constitution. Item 1 Economic Ideas is a perfect example. Insure higher wage to insure more money for the government to fund more unelected bureaucracy to make more regulations that insure economic poverty to the lowest classes. Very shrude form of tyranny

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