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This week’s Parsha (reading) of the scriptures concerns the revealing of a man whom many presumptiously thought dead. When his brothers turned against him in anger, threw him in a pit for being what they thought was arrogant and presumptious, and then finally sold him off to some unscrupulous gangs traveling along the road to Egypt….they thought they were rid of their ‘problem‘. Not so. Nothing is ever that simple!

We ourselves try to get rid of our problems by dumping them into a pit, passing them off to an unsuspecting soul and believing that we have wiped our hands of the situation. AHHHH, but not so beloved….we must always come back to face our issues. Always. We may go years and years without acknowledging our part in the plot, but eventually, in some way, shape or form … it returns to haunt you. If you do nothing, it will consume you. You can do one of two things …. stand and face it or run away … only to meet up with it somewhere down the road.

Just as Joseph’s brothers perpetrated a horrible crime against their younger brother, staged his death so that his father who loved him suffered incredible and lasting pain for over 20 years, lied and covered it up, continuously searing their souls and justifying their actions….they never truly escaped the courtroom clouds brewing on the horizon. The disasterous deed was about to be blown wide open for all to witness. The young boy that they had discarded so callously was now a grown man, with so much experience under his Egyptian belt that they would not recognize him! He was dressed in regal garb, the Pharaoh’s signet ring on his finger and the entire kingdom at his beck and call….only 2nd to the Pharaoh himself! He had the power of life and death and could exact judgment on them in a split second! Would he? Would you?

But we know the rest of the story – and it should be a perfect example for each and every one of us. Time marches on – and everything and every step along the way, every person you meet, every issue you have, successes, failures ~ everything – forms and completes the picture of who you are!



Ponder, meditate, and slowly travel back in the eons of your own journey and slowly stop where breaths seem deeper, heartbeats flicker and moments in time hold you frozen….take a deep breath, hold that moment in your mind’s eye and examine it slowly. Own that moment. Pierce thru the darkness of time and sweep away the cobwebs….ask yourself a few questions…slowly….very slowly.

  • Were YOU ever so presumptions that you lorded over your brothers?
  • Did YOU arrogantly assume a position that wasn’t yours yet?
  • Who have YOU sold into slavery?
  • Who sold YOU into slavery?
  • Have YOU been in the prison of drudgery or been the cause of someone else to descend into nothingness?
  • Today, this day, right now, it is time to a reckoning

So, dear brother, dear sister … let the tragedies and disappointments of the past be the past. Loose the grip of bitterness, anger, revenge and seek the face of who you REALLY are ~ in His eyes! You have come through serious time realms of light and darkness, of loniliness and fullness, and victory and defeat. But today, yes, even today – you have been placed in a position of POWER, of AUTHORITY and it is YOUR choice to embrace all that has brought you to this moment of time.

What? You don’t feel like you’re in power? Don’t see any authority?

WAIT! YESYOU are in control of >>YOU<<

ONLY you….only you dear one have the power to influence those around you, to embrace those still searching, forgive thos who are hurt and still hurting and see everyone through new eyes….as our friend and brother of old chose to do!

So, rest in His light and mercy and forgiveness this evening as Shabbat draws near, take a few moments, bask in the glow of the Sabbath candles and warm your heart towards all those that have given or taken throughout your life.

Rest, my beloved………. rest …..


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