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This morning as I picked up my siddur ( סדור‎ plural סדורים, (siddurim) which is a prayer book, containing a set order of daily prayers.) I felt led to share a bit with you. The word siddur comes from the Hebrew root word סד״ר‎ meaning “order”. So basically, it’s an order of prayers. There are prayers for the morning, afternoon and evening. Not that we have to do it…but it does seem to ‘set’ your day in order.

For instance, this morning I read the following verses (and most of the verses in the siddur are simply taken from the Psalms) and I was translated to a higher place, a place of order.

The prayer pattern is designed so that you are always ascending…always going up. That’s the way it should be don’t you think? That we should never be ‘descending’ – always ‘ascending’. Here, listen to this……

“Worshipful are O LORD our God, King of the Universe, Who forms light and creates darkness; makes peace and creates all things; Who illuminates the earth and those who dwell upon it; Who continually, every day, renews the act of creation.

Be worshiped, O Creator of holy ones; Your Name be praised, our King, Former of ministers; Whose ministers stand in the heights of the universe, making their voices heard with the words of the Living God, King of the universe. They are entirely beloved and pure; and they all accept upon themselves the yoke of the sovereignty of heaven, one from the other, saying:

“Holy, Holy, Holy is the LORD of hosts; all the world is filled with His honorable renown!”

The Ofanim and the holy Creatures, opposite them, give praise in unison saying:

“Worshipful is His Honor, the LORD, from His position [of transcendence]!”

They shall make a pleasant melody to the worshipful God, instrumental song to the King, the Self-Existent and Eternal God; They shall sound [His] praises, for alone He does valiant deeds, makes anew, sows righteousness, makes deliverance sprout forth, and Who continually, every day, renews the act of creation.

Worshipful are You O LORD, Former of the luminaries.

You love us with an everlasting love, O LORD our God; and with exceedingly abundant mercy You have mercy on us, for the sake of our forefathers who trusted in You. Teach us the statutes of life; Indeed, O compassionate Father, our Father, grant us grace. Have compassion on us, O Compassionate One. Allow our hearts to understand, hear, learn, teach, guard, do, and uphold all the matters of Your Torah’s instruction, with love. Enlighten our eyes with Your commandments and instill Your fear in our hearts. Make us to love Your Name whole-heartedly, and so we shall not be eternally shamed; for we have trusted in Your great, holy, and mighty Name. From the four extremities of the earth, bring us to peace
and direct us to our land with upright confidence. We shall rejoice in Your deliverance, for You have chosen us from every people and language and drawn us near to Your Name – to thank You and proclaim Your Singularity.

Worshipful are You O LORD, Who chooses His people Israel.”

Is that not just the most beautiful prayer? The melody of the Siddur is peaceful, transforming and life-changing….if you would like your own, you can pick one up or google for one, or you can contact me and I’ll send you a pdf form. Either way, you’ll be glad you did….


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