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Let’s continue with the thought for the day…..

As we walked our way through various memories and ideas yesterday, we were left with the thought that it’s not all about the weigh in on the notorious dreaded scale hidden in the bathroom. Way more.

It’s true, we could all probably stand to lose a few extra pounds, especially if you indulge in the excess that seems to abound in the end of the year holidays …. whether you remember the historical drama of the few against the many memorialized in the eight-day festival of Hanukkah, or a day chosen by Roman officials and set apart a couple centuries after our Savior was born or the end of the year debauchery or even just the endless office parties and house hopping extravaganzas. Excesses abound in yummy fried foods and endless tempting exotic drinks. Time to take stock in everything that we do … time to go forward. So besides those pounds of flesh, what about the pounds of spiritual baggage that we carry forward? Let’s examine some of it and be honest with ourselves for once in our lives. After all, our lives depend on it!

Yesterday we talked about the faces we wear compared to the authenticity of who we are. What does that actually mean? Well, weigh in and take stock of how many faces you wear. Seriously….do you ‘look one way’ with one of your best friends compared to someone you rarely know? Do you put on a happy face when you’re emotionally dismantled on the inside? Do you act silly and laugh loudly when you really want to throw something? I know I do – so let’s get real. Actually, all our faces come down to probably one thing – survival. We live in a world where we were thrust into a family, town and schools not of our choosing. Everything introduced to us from the beginning of conception till this day in history has been a product of the family we were born into, the environment surrounding us and the situations we were thrust into not of our making. Think about that for a few moments. YOU are a product not of your choosing….until now! 

Today…you can choose. 

Now, that doesn’t mean you can go back in time and choose to look around and pick that well-to-do, perfectly manicured family that you know deserves you and will give you absolutely every opportunity. No. You’re pretty much stuck with what you’ve gone through to date. And it doesn’t mean you can look back and discount everything and start over. Nope, stuck there too. Nor does it help to place blame on anyone and everyone or raise your fist to Almighty God and blame Him and then just go and do whatever you want to do. Nope. Nope. Nope. But it does mean you can evaluate everything that brought you to this point and do something about it right now!

So that brings us to the WHAT of what we can do. What can you do? Please stop right here and think about whatever comes to your mind about your past – your family’s past – your environment – anything that comes across those frontal lobes … let it linger and then let it slide on out. Ok….let’s go on.

Now that we’ve got a few things that really impacted us … let’s go see what scripture says in the beginning. In fact, let me borrow a few words from my friend Skip Moen:

Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness;  Genesis 1:26a NASB

Image/likeness – According to a footnote in the Siddur, a synonym for nefesh hayah in the Mishnah (Bava Kanna 2a) is mav’eh which the Talmud derives from the root ba’ah (to ask, request, seek).  Furthermore, Onkelos renders nefesh hayah as “speaking spirit” (ruah mamlal’).  The implication is significant. Our identity is tied directly to our conversation with each other and our Maker.

Wow….did you get that???

Our IDENTITY is intimately intertwined with CONVERSATION!!!

Are you smiling yet?

Well, check back tomorrow and we’ll see how this plays out. Till then, think on where we’re going with this and come up with your own ideas on the ‘what’.

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  1. 1-2-2018

    dear Pam
    I recently lost much weight
    I cut out –sugar– as much as possible.I did nothing else.
    Sugar is a trap and additive, a Dr. Pepper was a close friend
    that never let me down,,,I thought but was a trap.We all face
    much in the years ahead…lol…like the last years have been
    so much fun!!..ahead we need to be in good health for the battle.

    I think of you often, sending my love.

    • 1-2-2018

      Great going Sandy! Yes, we all have our little traps – some bigger than others – but even the little ones will weigh heavy on us! (pun intended!) Dr. Pepper became your crutch, your way to cope, your ‘blanket’ or ‘fig leaf’. We all have them! What we need to do is look honestly at our lives and recognize them for what they are and THEN we can start walking in honesty and be authentic! And you are also so right that we need to be in good health – in order to fight the battle ahead! Thanks for your input!

  2. 1-6-2018

    What we can do is directly related to the main commandments. Love Yahweh, with all your heart, your soul, and your mind. And next under this is to Love your neighbor as yourself. On these two hangs all the Law and the prophets. Once we have this concept down pat, we can slpowly grasp all the things that we can do. Love is strong, but there are guidelines that we need to have in place from the Torah. These are not simple commands that we can pin down and apply by rote and do them. And when we do them, we can then do what we want. These are live giving ways of problem solving based on principles that Yahweh has given us. We need to learn them, put them in our hearts and use them for what Yahweh has intended them to used. That is a live time commitment. Love is the answer, but not used as a club, but to be viewd as instructions. Perhaps then our wants will step aside, and our Love will shine forth.

    • 1-6-2018

      Henry, that is absolutely beautiful! We often forget that UNLESS we have those two great commandments ‘down pat’ – we are simply clanging cymbals with our tzit-tzits hanging to our ankles. We walk around shrouded in arrogance and wreaking of self-justification. Your comment on ‘life giving ways of problem solving based on principles of Yahweh,’ is soul searching and something we could all ponder on every day. Perhaps than our wants will be His wants and not our own!

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