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When you’re having fun…well, that’s what they say anyway. Time has flown – but I sure wasn’t having any fun! Trying to stay sane, stay working and keep up with housework is monumental STRESS when you are sick! Unfortunately, I wasn’t the only one sick … so was my hubby .. and you know how hubbies are when they are sick .. yep!

Today, however, I feel pretty close to human and even did a bit of housework and maintenance on the homestead. Now, aren’t you glad I shared all that with you? Yeah, right!

So on to better things. This week’s Torah Portion is interesting and contains some really cool nuggets.

This week, the reading is in Exodus 10:1 – 13:16 and scripture shares with us the last of the 10 plagues and the going forth of a rag-tag multitude of people led by an aged man who has been far too long out in the desert. Maybe his brain is fried as he demands that Pharaoh let ‘his people go’. I’m sure the thought crossed his and some of the other Israelites mind a time or two.  But he carried on, no matter what anyone thought or said – he was determined to fulfill his mission.

Seven plagues had come and gone and Pharaoh continued to refuse to ‘hear and obey’ – even when he recognized that this god of the Hebrews was greater than he was (he considered himself a god too you know!). But, his ego was at stake now, and  the god of all Egypt was  not going to allow his people to see him denigrated! Not before this god of the Hebrews! No way!

So his ego became his strength … his identity. Pharaoh could see nothing past his ego – it was simply too big for anything else. His ego protected him from the truth, from the reality of what was coming. His ego blinded him to all that was going on and prevented him from seeing truth when it was all around him.  But that strength, was really a weakness and that weakness began to devour all that he thought he was. It became the black cloud that encircled him and the teeth of the crocodile in the River Nile. It was slowly sinking him into the depths of despair. Ultimately, what he took refuge in – destroyed him.

What is it that fuels your ego? Take a good look in the mirror, examine yourself carefully and see if you have Pharaoh’s eyes looking back at you. If you even see a glimmer of that once mighty god-man peering back at you – destroy it before it destroys you!


  1. 2-6-2017

    you cross my mind often.
    I send blessings to you today.

  2. 2-7-2017

    Thank you Sandy!

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