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Yes, time does take a toll on a body. The clock can tick away mercilessly, wreaking havoc on all who stand in its realm. That’s you…and I. Time touches everyone and everything until it touches you no longer…and then you wait.

But it is what you do with that ‘time‘ that makes all the difference in the world. The time you spend can be well spent or simply spent. It is all up to you. If you are like some of us our time here is slowly ebbing away and the clock is reaching midnight. It does cause one to take a deep breath and look both ways.

Realizing that we have more of a past than we have a future can be quite an eye-opener and cause for slowing down, quitting, or speeding things up! No matter where you find yourself held in the hands of time, it is always time to forge ahead, trusting in Him that your mission is right on target.

So, while the past is just that – and the future is still before us – it is in the here and  now that we are to make a difference. Join with me as we look clearly into the mirror of life and self-evaluate our goals. Are we making a difference? Are we still going forward or has that proverbial holding pattern settled in? There is always someone out there that needs your help, your advise, your caring smile. Don’t give up – you never know what’s just around the corner!

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  1. 7-29-2017

    this is so true
    trusting you are well


  2. 7-29-2017

    Thank you Sandy – doing much better and still going forward! 🙂

    Blessings back to you Sandy!


  3. 7-30-2017

    Glad to still hear from ‘Ancient Footsteps’, but I miss ‘the porch’. Thanks for still sending to me.

    • 7-31-2017

      oh my …. ‘the porch’ … yes…so very long ago … but such great memories 🙂 Thanks Val for the ‘wayback’

  4. 7-30-2017

    Wow…what a great reminder. Thanks for putting it into perspective, Pam!

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