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Events of the past couple of years have seemed to follow me like a black cloud…and with the end of the year fast approaching, those black clouds burst into torrents of rain every once in awhile.

But…. while my heart is heavy with the date of September 24th looming like a sledgehammer ready to fall, that is NOT what my ‘bluebird gone’ would want. He would chide me, I’m sure, for sinking into a pity party and would remind me to lift up my face to the heavens and remember just WHO he is hanging out with! Jason would remind me of the good times, the loving times, and yes, of ALL the times from the time I first discovered I was carrying him, to the time I had to let him go.  And I would smile back at him and remind him….I have never let you go! You will be in my heart for eternity. And he would smile back…and say – ‘there you go mom, now pass that on’.

Today, it’s as if Jason nudged his heavenly Father and said, ‘hey – can you send something to my mom?’
And he did – a good friend posted this on FB… So, here it is – if you’re going thru a difficult season in your life, read this – because it was sent to you as well!


My precious one,

When the duration of time you’ve been in a painful and fiery trial feels elongated and never-ending, your human heart is tempted to complain and murmur. It becomes hard to understand why nothing seems to be getting better and easier despite all the efforts and energy you have invested in looking for a solution. And so begin the questions, the resentment and the anger.

You may even get offended with Me. And begin to feel I am far from you, or that My Word concerning you does not work. Your faith may then become shaky, and as your eyes become more and more glued to the situations around you, you slowly begin to sink into them, and into depression, despair and hopelessness.

Precious one, I am lifting up your head and your eyes to Me.

You have not even began to imagine how much complaining and murmuring, whether against me, people or situations affects you, our relationship and your capacity to conquer. Whenever you complain, your spirit releases a toxic substance that creates an atmosphere all around you like a dark cloud. A dark cloud that stings your eyes like smoke and keeps you from seeing. It blocks your sensitivity in the Spirit and hinders your movement, causing you to be stuck in your situation and stagnate.

The more you complain, this dark, blinding, stinging, toxic substance intensifies all around you and suddenly, everything and everyone around you looks dark and dreary, including Me. You become irritable, negative and relationships all around you begin to disintegrate, including those with the people I assigned to your life for your help and blessing.

You cannot hear Me when your spirit is consumed by a complaining spirit, because My still, small Voice is drowned by the noise on the inside and what I desire to show you is blocked by the dark atmosphere around your spirit created by the murmuring spirit.When you remain in this situation for so long, you start complaining about everyone and everything. Resultantly, whatever you constantly murmur against withers and dies.

I have come to you today, to give you life and life in abundance.

To shift your atmosphere from complaining and murmuring to thankfulness, praise, peace and calmness. I know you love the sound of this. You want your spirit to breathe again and fly again. You want to be whole again.

Here’s a secret I impart into your spirit today:

I love you. I care for you. I am always working in you and for you. In you to make you both willing and able to obey My purpose and for you to show Myself strong on your behalf. Even in the worst of situations, I am actively at work within that painful experience to bring good and glory out of it for your sake.

Allow these words to sink into your heart.

Allow them to settle in you.

Understanding this changes how you engage with Me in the midst of trial as well as your attitude towards your experiences. Because instead of complaining and murmuring, you will:

1. Begin to thank and praise Me in that situation by faith that I am with you and for you.

2. Ask Me to align you with My Heart and Mind concerning the situation

3. Ask Me to reveal to you what I am doing in you and for you in that situation

4. Ask Me to make you one with what I am doing and where I am leading you into and help you to cooperate with Me and co-work with Me.

When you do this, I give you My assurance – good, tremendous glory, a bountiful harvest, enduring and abundant fruits, honor and glory will be your portion no matter what you go through.

I am for you My precious one. Not against you.

Work with Me through this.

Agree with Me.

Your Loving Daddy, God.

Spread the truth!

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