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The times and the seasons, yes they do change, right on schedule. Well, maybe not our schedule, but there is a schedule. After the cold winter months where the air is frigid and silence abounds and all seems a wasteland of emptiness, a tiny blade of grass sprouts forth, or a daffodil dares to rise above the barren soil. Our attention is immediately focused on the tiny brave soul emerging from the frozen tundra and we are transfixed with wonder. The soul within us begins to be renewed with the hope of ‘spring eternal’.

Our journey though life is much like the seasons of the year as well. Each season of our life brings its own death and rebirth, emptiness and abundance, tears of sorrow and tears of joy. It is a journey … a journey of living life. Loved ones leave this time realm and new souls enter into our circle of influence, knowledge grows, and it decreases….but life goes on.

As we witness the life springing forth at our feet during this end of this winter season, we place our hope and our trust in the One that brings forth all life at His timing. And for such a time as this, during this Hebraic Leap Year of Adar, we ponder on all things that contain the breath of life. The mysterious and miraculous renewal of life!

This is the Hebrew month called ADAR and it has a very powerful message to convey – one of abundance and joy and renewal! This is the year when there are two Adar’s placed into the Hebrew calendar so that it coincides with the the Gregorian calendar….but that is where the simplicity stops! During this month we can anticipate an abundance joy to be just around the corner, as this month is said to be ‘pregnant‘ and about to give birth! So, let’s just take that at face value..if this is the month of abundance, of expectancy, of joy – and Adar II  is the fulfillment of that abundance……what are you waiting for? Embrace the expectancy, look forward to the birth of something new! The redemption (Passover) is approaching and our hearts are in need of exuberant joy ~ for such a time as this!

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