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Falalalala …..

It’s heard everywhere, in the stores, the tv, the radio, driving down the road…everywhere one is confronted of what time of the year this is and what you should be doing! And what is that message???? Well, duh!!! it’s >> SPENDING <<< and >>>BUYING <<< and >>>SPENDING<<< and BUYING!!!

Not on your watch you say? Well, then good for you – but I’d challenge you to write down your daily activities for the next week and see what you really do! You’d be surprised at how much of your life is controlled by media – all kinds of media – no matter where it comes from!rollercoastr2

So maybe this year will be different and you are one of those that have decided that enough is enough and you’re ready to get off the merry-go-round of extravaganza and social-driven mania! Well, good for you! Let’s go one step forward and try to understand how we got on this roller coaster in the first place. Think back…..way back…no further back then that. When exactly was it that you stepped on and took your seat? Naw…further back then that…further back…way further back! Go all the way back – back to the beginning! In shock yet? Well, let’s examine it a bit.

Way back when … when there were only two people traipsing thru a wonderland in a place called Eden…well, you get the picture! We’ve been on this merry go round for a really, REALLY long time! Why is that you say? Well, yep, the answer is … we’re human. And we tend to want to be in charge and be in control and so we ‘hear’ what the Creator says, but then we add a few choice words here and there sprinkled throughout our ‘remembrance’ of those original instructions. So then you add a few thousand years of telephone tag, and you end up with a totally distorted message!

So rather than trying to figure out and unravel the why’s … and what if’s … of the current state of affairs and untangle the reasons of how we got to this point, let’s just simply go back to the garden and sit at the feet of the One who made us and ask Him to repeat those initial instructions. What is it He said? What is it He wanted? How did He say He wanted to be loved, how He wanted to be obeyed, how he desired us to act? Do you know? Let’s begin….at the beginning. Open that book, turn to the first page and seek what it is He said.

By the way … let me know if you read anything about those days we have offered up to Him as the ones He actually asked us keep. Then go from there.


Many blessings ~ Pam

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