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Today is Tish B’Av…a day of self-examination, of self-inspection… a day of lamenting the past and looking with hope for tomorrow … a day to bring the essence of what this day means into our hearts and lift the fog that has covered the ‘idols’ that we cling to like simple minded children….or dare I say idolatrous Israel? WHEN will we learn – WHEN will we ‘see’ and ‘hear’ – WHEN oh WHEN will we actually LISTEN to HIS voice – instead of mixing it with our own desires and wants and calling it ‘of Him’?

We have, each in our own way, destroyed the temples that have gone before us – and many of the temples of today that hold His Holy Name we have desecrated and destroyed with the words of our tongues and the work of our hands. Our own temples have we defiled by the beast that lurks within. We have kicked down and destroyed the temples of others because of that beast that lies within. Our words have set on fire the hearts around us, twisting and entangling and snaring the innocent. If not us – WHO? It is simply time to stand up and own it. Are we man/woman enough to do that? Are we sold out to Him or do we worry about today? Do we cast all our cares on Him or do we lash out at those not living to the standards we have set in our own minds?

Yes….. WE have failed and that is why everyone sets his tongue to complain – about this – about that – blaming others and pointing fingers. It must STOP if we are ever to be called by His Name. Our hearts must change, our attitudes must change – WE must change!!

Please…please beloved of the Most High – it is time …. to cast down those high places that we have held about ourselves, our ministries and our purpose!!! It is time to put on sack cloth and ashes and ask .. no beg – Him to forgive the wicked words of our mouths, the attitudes of our stoney hearts and the self-indulgence of our hands. It is time to trust in HIS promises alone (and not rely on men), to set our eyes above and not below, to walk that out instead of just speaking the words. Will you join me? Together we can be a mighty army for HIM.

So as we read the book of Lamentations today…. let us lament over the past … and look with hope towards tomorrow!

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  1. 8-5-2017

    blessings to you

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