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I am the Holy One your God. It is I Who brought you forth from the land of Egypt. Exodus 20:2

This is one of the most amazing and confusing Torah portions I’ve ever combed through – how about you? Have you ever considered a different understanding of this portion than the one you have been spoon-fed for years? Have you ever gone outside the box of religiosity and the dogmatic approach of theology to gaze into the looking glass of centuries past? Well, get ready beloved, you may vehemently object, but after you kick and scream and cling to your religious blanket, you may view our current situation just a bit differently. At least I hope so – it sure caused me to say ‘WHAT‘?

Part of this weeks reading commentary from one of my beloved teachers, Bill Bullock, who goes under Rabbi’s Son, wrote this:

“Ready or not, Moshe, Yitro is coming! We are at a propitious moment in the revelation stream. Act III of the Divine Drama we know as the Book of Exodus is about to begin. It will begin with you being thrown into a level of Kingdom Diplomacy and nation-building light years beyond your comfort zone. Advice and counsel will be flying, and it will all sound good.

Will you be able to sort through the Midyani hype, hyperbole, and hypocrisy? Will you be able to stand strong against the thinly-veiled pagan propaganda? Will you be able to stay focused on the Plan in the face of distractions of the flesh and the pseudo-intellect? Will you be able to keep your own fleshly emotions and ego in check? Will you be able to stay true to the Holy One’s directions for nation building – in the face of someone you like and trust telling you in eloquent language that there is a better, more logical, more pseudo-intellectually appealing, way than the Holy One has set in motion?

Gird up your loins, Moshe – you are definitely going to need your wits about you for this challenge! You will fail this challenge miserably; and so will we. But though we will fall, we will not quit. The Holy One will not forsake us, nor will He let us wallow in our failure. He will step out of His cloak of invisibility, eternality, and in-corporeality in the most glorious way possible. And He will let us hear, once again, the vast difference between His glorious Voice, and His immutable Wisdom, and the voice of mere men, and the silly pseudo-intellectual ideas and opinions produced by the fallen minds of men.  He will then lift us up, dust us off, inspire us, empower us, and set us back on track to establish His Grand Plan of redemption and restoration in the world!”

So….is your interest piqued yet? What’s your take on this part of the Torah reading? Are you seeing what I see? Moshe is going to listen to a Midianite priest…his father-in-law Yitro instead of doing what the Holy One had previously told him to do! You’re not the only one that has never considered this side of the equation! I’ve always thought that the Holy One had sent Yitro in to set Moshe straight – to help him in the delegation of authority! Mmmmm another viewpoint to consider.

How about telling me what you think?

~ Blessings, Pam ~


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