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The experience of reflection and introspection yesterday on the holiest day of the year, Yom Kippurim (Day of AT ONE MENT), was an over the top time with our King. For me, personally, it was a simple yet profound period of time simply by myself. Pondering on the events of the day, the awe that was felt throughout the time period was as if time truly stood still – just as the sages claim.

praisingIn the evening of Yom Kippur and after finishing the traditional readings of Al Chetor the confession of sins, I pondered and looked for insight and understanding to where I had failed and where I could have added life to the situation. 

Then on the day of Yom Kippur I sat on the front porch and pondered so many things….so very many things. It was a very precious time and melancholy time.  The King has given me another year to restore and reconcile the Kingdom.

My hope and prayer is that your experience, whether together or alone you felt that element of closeness, of love and integration into the body of the King. I pray and hope that each soul experienced a unique time of returning to their Creator, their Father, their King as well as igniting a brighter spark in their hearts for all their earthly relationships. Time is short for each of us, beloved. Don’t waste another moment!

Yesterday, we came into the palace of our King …. and passed His judgment! As we continue during these next few days to celebrate the emerging joy from deep within, as we begin to realize the depth of what we have gone through and begin to anticipate the eight days of joy known as Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles), let us ask ourselves:

Are you ready to begin celebrating? Did your experience during the Holiest Day of the year bring you to the feet of the King on His throne? Were you able to lift your gaze as he tucked His mighty hand underneath your chin and smiled lovingly into your eyes?

If your answer to the above questions was a tear in your eye and a smile on your lips and a warmth in your heart, then get ready to celebrate! If not, search your heart and know that your AT ONE MENT is still at hand….simply return, walk in His ways and go forward in JOY!




  1. 10-15-2016

    Beautiful …??

  2. 9-26-2018

    Thank you Pam I feel your heart beating for the KING through your sincere words of this reflective time
    in all our lives. Blessings on your Sukkot!

    • 10-15-2018

      Thank you Lynn….that is so kind of you to share that with me.

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