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Turmoil and treachery…..the world seems that it is slowly spiraling out of control and many are wondering what on earth is happening .. and what will happen when the world gasps for breath. Where are we going, who are we, what do we do?

There seems to be no pat answers that will satisfy anyone and so everyone is looking for someone or something to shed light into this dark storm cloud that is now hovering over our nation….over the world.

But it comes down to each and every one of us to shed that light…to be that light. YOU…..ME…need to examine our hearts, search our hearts and walk in mercy and love and forgiveness for our brothers and sisters. We need to repent for OUR sins…for OUR actions…for OUR thoughts…and ask our Holy Father to forgive us our trespasses as WE forgive those who traspass against us. It is a two way street.

It is time to mature dear beloved family…time to grow up and be mature in our walk. All of this too shall pass….where it will end and how it will look when it does…remains to be seen. But our hearts need to be turned towards Him and to trust in Him.

Psalm 15 A soft answer turneth away wrath; But a grievous word stirreth up anger. The tongue of the wise uttereth knowledge aright; But the mouth of fools poureth out folly. The eyes of Jehovah are in every place, Keeping watch upon the evil and the good. A gentle tongue is a tree of life; But perverseness therein is a breaking of the spirit.


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