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Have you ever stopped and pondered about your ‘calling’? Have you ever thought you simply don’t have what it takes to teach or preach or lead? Have you ever doubted your strength and wisdom and discernment? No? Yes? I know I have … and truth be told, I don’t know anyone on this earth that hasn’t wondered at one time or another. Another truth is that the majority that fall into this category the most, are women. The pillar of our homes, the nurturer  of our families, the teacher of our children. And still, the majority feel they are second class, subservient, replaceable. That should not be of course, but that is simply how it is, and it has been that way since the expulsion from the garden. Is it what the Holy One of Israel desires? Of course not! Let’s remember the truth found in the early pages of Genesis … and if you are not aware of ‘who you are’ … then do a study on the first instance of the description/title that He gave ‘woman’ in the first place it is mentioned. The word in English is ‘helpmeet’ … but in Hebrew … ahhhh…. in Hebrew – it is ‘ezer kenegdo’…. now, go and find out what that means.

“If the devil can’t kill you, he will try to make you insane… He will lie to you about who you really are… He he will attempt harass you and vex your soul. He will whisper fearful things in your ear… He will make what is small seem big and what is big seem small. He will raise dark suspicion within your soul, causing you to walk in mistrust. He will remind you of your sins to make you feel ashamed and dirty. He will hiss that you are unlovable and unworthy. He will argue on behalf of your flesh that you deserve better than this… He will tempt you to seek relief in cisterns of emptiness and futility. Most of all, he will try to cast a spell to make you forget that you are truly a prince or princess of God Almighty… The devil seeks to drive you into the exile of loneliness and despair. Resist him in the Name of the LORD!” – Hebrew for Christians [April 2014 archived]

On our knees


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