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Yesterday we looked at the faces we wore and the circumstances that caused us to paint those various masks and how we could stand outside the circle or get out of the proverbial box and evaluate those faces to see how we can go forward and have a more positive and blessed journey in the future.

So let’s look at where we left it yesterday:

Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness;  Genesis 1:26a NASB

Image/likeness – According to a footnote in the Siddur, a synonym for nefesh hayah in the Mishnah (Bava Kanna 2a) is mav’eh which the Talmud derives from the root ba’ah (to ask, request, seek).  Furthermore, Onkelos renders nefesh hayah as “speaking spirit” (ruah mamlal’).  The implication is significant. Our identity is tied directly to our conversation with each other and our Maker.

Finally – our parting shot –

Our IDENTITY is intimately intertwined with CONVERSATION!!!

So let us begin having a conversation!

We are in this quest together and it is my hope that many of you that have joined us on this journey will also join us in the conversation. Feel free to leave a comment so we can actually have that conversation together.

The topic I’d like to cover first, well, starts in the beginning. Apparently, according to the first notations in Genesis, two people who had been set apart walked with the Creator of All in the cool of the evening. Those two people were our ancestors and set the stage for all that would come along in our realm of time. So let’s try to join them for a bit and see what they saw. First off, it wasn’t just ‘any ole garden’. This was ‘temple talk’ and that very special set-apart ‘garden’ was the very place where the Holy One set in motion all the patterns that were to come. So what happened? Bottom line, they broke the Covenant. Same thing we do...nothing new under the sun.

The Covenant was simple, obey my commandments. Many of us have been led to believe that the ‘Law’ was done away with centuries ago when the son of YHWH was obedient unto death. Actually, the scriptures never claim that and there are many great teachers out there where you can watch great teachings and see for yourself. So let’s just go with that – the ‘instructions for life’ also known as Torah are still in effect today. What does that mean to you? Does it put you in bondage or set you free? If you are a serious follower of the One we call Messiah, if you truly want to walk in His footsteps, than it should be quite freeing!

So why do we feel we are walking around in a sterile white coat that wraps around the back and holds us captive? Could it be that we’ve not paid attention to the covenant and are trying to walk in our own desires and wants – making up the rules as we go along? If that’s how we feel most of the time, than it’s time to find someone to help untie that straight jacket! And that is what life is all about – learning how to trust and believe that the One who created you actually has your best interests at heart.

So the first conversation we need to participate in is the most important conversation ever! Stop right now, set aside everything you think you need to do, all the schedules and agendas, and begin to speak to the One who loves you more than anyone else in the entire galaxy! If you can’t think of anything to say – then just let Him speak to you! In fact, that’s even a better idea since we are always so chatty and needy and hardly ever give Him a moment to speak much less actually hear him! Allow Him to speak softly to your heart…allow Him to share what is on HIS heart. Take the next few minutes and close yourself off from the headaches, the hassles, the confusion and chaos and sit in His lap. You are His child you know.

Go on….it’s time. Talk to your Father!


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