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Beshalach ~ When he sent — בְּשַׁלַּח

Exodus 13:17–17:16 ~ Pillars of Cloud and Fire

This week’s Torah Portion is like an onion. WHAT? Yes, it is like an onion and the layers need to be carefully peeled back. If you don’t pay attention, the tears will trickle down your cheeks and you will gasp for fresh air. So pay attention.

Ok, pay attention to what? Well, when I read scripture I like to see what happened then and what is happening now.

So consider, if you will, the fact that God did not lead the Israelites out of Egypt the easy way….nope, He guided them into the wilderness ~ a land of nothingness. BUT He had a plan ~ if they had taken the short cut (by way of Philistines) they would have immediately been met with resistance and war. At that point, after having been slaves in Egypt for centuries, they would have run back to Egypt right away and suffered the consequences of their actions with Pharaoh. They simply were not ready to stand on their own. They had forgotten how to totally trust in the God of their Fathers.

Notice also that the scriptures share that the Israelites left Egypt equipped for battle! So apparently, they thought they were ready! But God knew differently, he was preparing them in more ways than one. He was, well, peeling back the onion. He was with them, day and night! And then great miracles occurred! Not just the miracle of the parting of the sea, no there were many miracles that happened! Each person individually had to make decisions for themselves, their families, their tribe.  They grew in their determination to move forward! Their trust in their God enabled them to rise up and move, to not give up!

We, today, have so much in common with those ancient people, whether we acknowledge it or not. Many times we look at the raging sea before us; we tremble and quake and are frozen where we stand. Our minds are cast and strewn about because of every opinion or fact-checker out there and we hesitate to do anything. That is not an option for one that believes in the Holy One Himself, the Creator of the Universe ~ not an option at all.

Life is always moving ~ it never stands still!

So, my friend, look at your life today – are you facing that sea of reeds? Are you facing a circumstance or situation that seems like it’s impossible to overcome? Take to heart what you ancestors millennia ago learned ~ trust and lean on HIM ~ and keep going forward!

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