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You think you know the story right? A youngun by the name of Joseph was the last arrow in Jacob’s ‘kid’ quiver. So, yep, he was the baby. And as every parent knows, the baby gets his/her way. I think it’s because by the time you get past the first two …. you’re worn out and you let things slide. Or at the very least you compromise, a lot.

So during this week’s Torah portion, we see that the past of Joseph has circled back and he is at the beginning of his journey again. It’s kind of a cyclical thing 🙂  While once his brothers sold him into slavery, now his brothers are kneeling at his feet. Yes, his brothers have come down to Egypt because of the famine….they stand before the Chief Steward of the King and Ruler throughout all the Land.  Can you imagine how terrified they must have been? I know I would have been trembling in my boots, uh sandals.

What did that ‘Father of the King’ (another title) do? Did he take his revenge? Did he condemn them and berate them and maybe even throw them in prison (or a pit)? After all – that’s what they did to him – and you know the old saying – what’s good for the goose.

But….he does not. He has learned much in his years in prison. He has gained much wisdom instead of embracing revenge, he embraced love.

Genesis 45:4

“And Joseph said to his brothers, ‘Please come near to me.’ So they came near. Then he said: ‘I am Joseph your brother, do not therefore be grieved or angry with yourselves because you sold me here. For God sent me before you to preserve life.’”

From this verse, it is easy to see that he has learned the most valuable lesson….he learned to forgive! One can not learn to see with the eyes of the Holy One unless one learns the lesson of forgiveness ~ and it doesn’t matter if you were right – or wrong!

The Greek word used in the New Testament for ‘forgive‘ is Aphiemi and means to ‘send away’. That’s a strange explanation, but it is the same essence as when one lets go, to omit or give up. Even better explanation is to keep something no longer. So that brings us to putting it all together and what it says to us is that to forgive someone is to send their debt away for good. And who would we be emulating? Well, the Creator Himself….that is what He does with us ~ casts our sins as far away as the Est is from the West.

So …. evaluate yourselfhow are you doing? When someone has wronged you, offended you, cast you out, maligned your reputation, what do you do? Do you immediately strike out? Do you wish they would get their upcomings? Well, that’s ok….you’ve just recognized something that you need to work on….me too. But, as my son Jim says…’s all in the try. So, TRY with me – let’s see with HIS eyes, we are all broke and we all live in a broke world. Let’s do our best to repair it … one day at a time!

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  1. 12-12-2021

    A good friend of mine (thanks Dot!) offered another consideration .. a multi-colored coat … would have been STRIPED… ponder on that one!

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