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I was in a conversation where the topic was why do ‘bad things happen to good people’? And as I pondered that…here were my thoughts:
I wonder if perhaps….what we think is good or bad…is simply our ‘perspective‘ … as one who has gone thru a WHOLE LOT OF HELL (imho) there were times when I stood on the deck w

ith that proverbial ‘towel’ and wanted to throw it in and say ‘Is this what I get for following Torah?’ … and believe me – I’d throw that towel at Him….and then…I would sense that He would catch that ‘towel’ and then a smile would flicker at the corner of his lips….and he would reach back out to me and say – ‘ok…are you finished throwing your tantrum, child? take the towel and wipe your face and let’s start again’….

and I would reach out and take that towel … because I would always realize that I had nowhere else I wanted to be … and that ‘my perspective‘ was not always His….and that what I considered ‘good or bad’ was only in my own perception.
I only had a few pieces of that life journey puzzle…. so what am I saying? Yes, He made promises …. He absolutely did. But we can only scratch the surface of the depth and measure of those promises….and even then, it is colored by the baggage we bring with us and the prism we look through.
So, in the end….it doesn’t really matter if we think what we are going thru is good or bad – what matters is how we walk through those circumstances and cling to our faith that He is in control, no matter what it looks like or how it ends.

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