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A Little ’bout Me…

A Little ’bout Me…

Thank you for stopping by and joining my quest to search for truth. It has been a long journey – nigh on 40 years.

Growing up in a large Catholic family it was just ‘taken for granted’ that I would marry a nice Catholic boy and have nice Catholic children and they would all go to a nice Catholic school and associate with nice Catholic friends. And I did…we did. Until……it just didn’t ‘work’ anymore.

It was around 1980 that my ‘search’ truly began and then the questions started piling up with no answers on the horizon. This was at the beginning of the Charismatic movement that was blossoming in the church and bible studies were beginning to be encouraged. Well, that was the beginning of the end!

Our little ladies bible study brought up questions that I didn’t have answers for and one thing led to another and we started….reading the bible! That was unheard of in my circle, as only the priests were able to ‘understand’ what it said. And at first, I found that true – there didn’t seem to be any pat answers for some of my questions. Such as … if the Feast Days in Leviticus were ‘the Lord’s’ and they were ‘forever‘ … when did forever end? My priest had no answer except to inform me that the ‘Church’ was all I needed.

Well, needless to say, I’m not that kind of woman. By default my nature is to ask ‘why’ and then seek out the answers. And that I did. For years. My belief is that because I was steadfast in my search, and my heart wanted only the truth, the Father pointed me, nudged me, and pushed me in the right directions.