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We will be continuously adding to our RESOURCES CUPBOARD as days march on. If you have a source you would like us to add, please consider contacting us and we’ll review it!


Torah and Jewish Information:

My Jewish Learning
Jewish Heritage Center
Yad Vashem – The World Holocast
Jewish Agency for Aliyah

Messianic & Christian Information:

Passion for Truth – Jim Staley
Foundations In Torah – Dinah Dye 
119 Ministries – Jon Sherman
Wild Branch – Brad Scott
Wisdom in Torah – Rico Cortes
Hebraic Roots Network
The Creation Gospel – Hollisa Alewine
Valerie Moody
New Covenant Path – Robin Gould
First Fruits of Zion

Chosen People Congregation

Health Related Info

**Click the below link and you will go over to my google drive which opens the door to a multitude of pdf files I’ve collected for various areas of interests. PLEASE remember, I’m not a doctor, not prescribing you use any of these suggestions – so proceed with your own research. You may need to check with your physician to make sure anything you do in the information does not conflict with any medications you may be on.**