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Living your life...
It's a journey...one step at a time


Ever wonder how you end up where you end up? Have you stargazed and mused about the choices and the paths in your journey? Let’s journey together and discover new meanings to old problems. My journey….


What are the Feast Days of the Lord and why should you care? Those are old and don’t apply today….right? Let’s dig a bit deeper and find out a little bit more about those Old Testament appointed times.


Check out our resources on various topics and ideas. Learn how to celebrate the Feast Days and Appointed Times. Discover your inner journey and how to walk in the footsteps of the Messiah.


Our musings are simply that…daily, weekly or whenever the spirit moves. Join me as we venture through various topics ~ from kids crafts to where do we go when we die? And so much more…

Welcome To "In Ancient Footsteps"

We are experiencing trying times and chaotic scenes every single day. How do we go forward?

That’s the question of the day isn’t it? The greatest minds of the day don’t have an answer, but I think I know someone who does…join me in this journey! Contact me with your prayer request or just to day hi!

Through History

Walk through the times

Ancient Days

Curious about what was before? Let's check it out and see if we can discover some treasures together.

Planting a Seed

How many seeds have you planted in your journey called life?

Upcoming Feast

The next Feast Day that is fast approaching is Shavuot ~ Feast of Pentecost. Right now, we're counting the days in-between ~ the Counting of the Omer.


Looking for help on how to celebrate the Sabbath or a Feast Day? Trying to understand the how's and why's of walking this ancient road in the 21st century?

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