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Positive Thinking?

Positive Thinking?

So what do you think of ‘positive thinking’? Some have linked it to New Age thinking, and some have associated it with wishful thinking … what do you think?

Personally…I’ve done all three in my decades here on this earth. However, I believe it comes down to WHO you look at in your positive or negative thinking. First of all – if one thinks negativity every single moment of their life, they will walk in negativity, everything will always fall apart and they will stay in that pity party all the days of their lives. They live in darkness.

I prefer to pull myself up and walk in the LIGHT.

My trust and hope lies with what the Messiah accomplished at the cross. He brought me from darkness (negativity) to light (positivity). When I walk in THAT LIGHT, I can see healing, I can hear words of wisdom, I am able to breathe easier and think clearly.

So what do you walk in? His LIGHT makes it so much easier to get through this journey!

Just some thoughts ~ Pam

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